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Supporting Fuse.js

Through contributions, donations, and sponsorship, you allow Fuse.js to thrive. Also, you will be recognized as a beacon of support to open-source developers.


Fuse.js is a lightweight fuzzy-search, in JavaScript, with zero dependencies.

Browser Compatibility

Fuse.js supports all browsers that are ES5-compliant (IE8 and below are not supported).


To checkout out live examples and docs, visit



$ npm install --save fuse.js


$ yarn add fuse.js


Available on CDN via jsDelivr.

Note: it takes some time for the CDNs to sync with the latest version

Explanation of Different Builds

In the dist/ directory of the NPM package you will find many different builds of Fuse.js. Here’s an overview of the difference between them.


This repository serves as the main issue tracker. When creating issues, it’s important to follow common guidelines to make them extra clear. Here is a few links to help you achieve that: