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  Jürgen Stumpp edbde75faf
Merge pull request #299 from VMadalin/vm/add-android-modular-project 3 months ago
  Madalin Valceleanu 230cc914a8 Add Android modular architecture on code example section 3 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp a060f0f4d2
Merge pull request #296 from tfkbudi/add-easyPermission 5 months ago
  Taufik Budi S 7932fa4f58 move some libraries to the appropriate category 5 months ago
  Taufik Budi S 78a482d364 add EasyPermissions 5 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 7b275b3076
Fixed broken link 5 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 102af8adf1
Fixed broken links 5 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp a8e9d018d7
Merge pull request #284 from nparsons08/master 5 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 59a453c8c4
Merge branch 'master' into master 5 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 327f6b6469
Merge pull request #288 from aygul/patch-1 5 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 088005d1dc
Merge branch 'master' into patch-1 5 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 3bf3f509df
Merge pull request #293 from kingdom2011/patch-5 5 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 238dab4e4f
Merge pull request #294 from tfkbudi/add-coil 5 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp c5c4e8a52f
Merge branch 'master' into add-coil 5 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 040e0b2670
Merge pull request #295 from esafirm/add_image_picker 5 months ago
  Esa Firman 18a36de1a2 Fix incorrect link 5 months ago
  Esa Firman d220e2da88 Add Image Picker 5 months ago
  Taufik Budi S 86ee58c90b add coil - loading image 5 months ago
  Masoud Mohammadi 72d38d0b88
Added Complete-Google-Map-API-Tutorial 5 months ago
  Aygul Zagidullina 64338ff548
Add two podcast links 5 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp ad9e1e1f8b
Merge pull request #287 from azamzamy/update-sponsorship 6 months ago
  Abdelrahman ElZamzamy 9a3335820b Update Instabug listing 6 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp a5e4fc341f
Merge pull request #286 from wajahatkarim3/master 6 months ago
  Wajahat Karim 77b9d402c9
Adds Push Notification in Chat Apps tutorial link 6 months ago
  Wajahat Karim e969c8da24
Merge pull request #1 from JStumpp/master 6 months ago
  Nick Parsons 4980ba9474
Update Stream Chat Category 7 months ago
  Nick Parsons f9d9ff889a
Add Stream Chat 7 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 7dbf77acb6
Merge pull request #283 from idanatz/master 7 months ago
  Idan Atsmon 0aba588e7d
Update readme.md 7 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp cef045bc58
Merge pull request #282 from wajahatkarim3/master 7 months ago
  Wajahat Karim 86fa0f43e0
Update readme.md 7 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 989c7e3f23
Merge pull request #278 from havenwood/patch-1 7 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 803c920a79
Merge pull request #279 from vovaksenov99/master 7 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp ae39bbfcf5
Merge pull request #280 from Ayusch/master 7 months ago
  Ayusch Jain 7534f2ba47
Merge pull request #2 from Ayusch/ayusch-updated-bad-urls 7 months ago
  Ayusch Jain d5ba80fbc0
Updated Bad URLs 7 months ago
  Ayusch Jain 2701b39493
Merge pull request #1 from Ayusch/Ayusch-resource-addition 7 months ago
  Ayusch Jain 6b0e9060ee
Update readme.md 7 months ago
  Aksenov Vladimir 586082f1ee
Update readme.md 8 months ago
  Shannon Skipper 1d03faebcd
Add Square In-App Payments SDK 9 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 0fa68cbc27
Merge pull request #277 from rodmytro/master 9 months ago
  Dmytro Romaniuk e0d75c774c
- added Kotlin VIPER example project 9 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp fda4e3e7c6
Cleanup links 10 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 062b083ea9
Merge pull request #276 from lucalves/patch-1 10 months ago
  Lucas Alves 48b8366650
Removing discontinued emojicon 10 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 86f3c68407
Merge pull request #273 from emedinaa/master 11 months ago
  Eduardo Medina aa07df6343 Add MVVM example 11 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp a227d40587
Merge pull request #272 from johnsonlee/master 11 months ago
  Johnson Lee b0017de22b
Add `Booster` 11 months ago
  Jürgen Stumpp 62f1b10fa2
Update readme.md 1 year ago