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Awesome Software Architecture Awesome

Software architecture aims to describe the high level structures of software as well as the discipline of creating them.

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Design patterns

Workshop formats



  • Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect - Object-oriented modelling suite. Only available natively for Windows.
  • Visual Paradigm - Similar to Enterprise Architect. Available for multiple platforms.
  • Lucidchart - Paid cloud-based diagram editor. Available on all common platforms.
  • - Free and simple diagram editor. Comparable to Visio and its likes. Available on all common platforms.
  • Structurizr - Modelling tool based on the C4 Model (see above).
  • PlantUML - Like markdown for diagrams, PlantUML renders an english-like grammer into diagrams.
  • PlantUML for Atlassian - Adds support for PlantUML-based diagrams in the atlassian suite.




  • Wikipedia: DevOps - Combining software development and operations practices to shorten time to market while maintaining high quality.
  • The Phoenix Project, by Gene Kim et al - Business novel about IT, Devops and helping your Business win :orange_book:.
  • Keep CALMS and carry on - How BPDTS use the CALMS model as a reference for their devops adaptations.
  • Chaos Engineering at Netfix - Chaos Engineering is a new discipline within Software Engineering, building confidence in the behavior of distributed systems at scale 🎥.



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