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Add tributary (#35) 1 month ago
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Add book Grokking Streaming Systems 3 months ago
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Add rudder-server (#33) 4 months ago
  dyaffe 6bafc13637
Add Gazette to Data Pipelines (#32) 4 months ago
  grtheod 295485493f
Add LightSaber system 6 months ago
  Dominik Riemer 12732dd7a5 Modify StreamPipes link to Apache Github repo (#30) 8 months ago
  Manu Zhang 3cf4b1fbe3
Update heron name and description 9 months ago
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Add StreamPipes 10 months ago
  Manu Zhang 665447d3c0
Move mantis as it's been open sourced by Netflix 11 months ago
  trimoq 782506e700 Logdevice is no longer closed source (#29) 11 months ago
  Ahmet Altay 88faf614d2 Update Readme for Apache Beam and add Cloud Dataflow. (#28) 11 months ago
  Manu Zhang 04e4399c39
Add Stream Ops 1 year ago
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Update Gearpump link 1 year ago
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Add manuzhang.github.io/awesome-streaming info 1 year ago
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Fix formating and description 1 year ago
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Merge pull request #27 from kot-behemoth/patch-1 1 year ago
  Greg Goltsov 0253902e09
Added Python's streamz library 1 year ago
  Manu Zhang af074848ba
Add yurita, anomaly detection framework @ PayPal 1 year ago
  Manu Zhang cda0688cfe
Add Linkedin's Brooklin 1 year ago
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Fix StreamCQL link 1 year ago
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Move closed source items to one section 1 year ago
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Merge pull request #26 from yorek/master 1 year ago
  Davide Mauri 8e8dd5eeaf removed no longer existing project 1 year ago
  Davide Mauri 9c44a1a97e added azure stream analytics and linted markdown 1 year ago
  Manu Zhang 8a17232aca
Remove StreamBox which no longer exists 1 year ago
  shikharraje d61ad12ce2 Adding Airbnb's StreamAlert framework (#24) 1 year ago
  shikharraje c45cb89542 Adding HortonWorks' Streamline (#22) 1 year ago
  shikharraje b81eb594bb Adding Uber's AthenaX (#21) 1 year ago
  Manu Zhang 7235777d22
Update concord link 1 year ago
  Cosmin Stroe 2d3b302685 Add Netflix Techblog post for Mantis. (#20) 1 year ago
  Cedric Van Goethem 24885058fe Add LogDevice to Data Pipeline section (#19) 2 years ago
  zackpayton d03cc2c160 Update README.md (Add Faust, Python stream processing lib) 2 years ago
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Merge pull request #15 from Ewan-Keith/update-akka-streams 2 years ago
  Ewan Keith 6a3cd58adf
Swave website is down, redirected to github. 2 years ago
  Ewan Keith 399395c5b5
updated akka streams documentation link 2 years ago
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Add onyx 2 years ago
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Merge pull request #14 from giwrgostheod/master 2 years ago
  giwrgostheod 4e56712290 Add SABER to Streaming Engine Section. 2 years ago
  Manu Zhang a24c5e67bf
Merge pull request #13 from asavinov/master 2 years ago
  Alexandr Savinov e5df0f28cd Add Bistro Streams to Streaming Library 2 years ago
  Manu Zhang 25d26ed7dc
Merge pull request #12 from lazerion/master 2 years ago
  Lazerion d51f0f414e
Amazon Kinesis addition 2 years ago
  Manu Zhang f616774001
Merge pull request #10 from heavydawson/redis_streams 2 years ago
  David Corley 1c5e549a52
Add Redis Streams to data pipeline section 2 years ago
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  Chuck Blake 306bc81176 Add Wallaroo to Streaming Engine 2 years ago
  Manu Zhang a2b5ced5a3 Move KSQL to Streaming SQL 3 years ago