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Awesome Userscripts Awesome Build Status PRs Welcome

A curated list of Awesome Userscripts.

User scripts can improve your browsing experience, and open a lot of possibilities to make the sites you visit better by adding features, making them easier to use, or taking out the annoying bits.


How to use

To use user scripts you need to first install a user script manager. Here are the most popular managers:

  • Greasemonkey - Firefox
  • Tampermonkey - Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Firefox (also with support for mobile Dolphin Browser and UC Browser)

There’s no focused plugins to get Userscripts running on Internet Explorer, but the Adguard extension provide this feature.






  • YouTube Link Title - Adds video titles, shows previews and embeds on click. Also supported: Vimeo, LiveLeak, Dailymotion, vidme, WorldStarHipHop, Vine, Coub, Streamable.
  • YouTube Plus - YouTube Plus contains all kind of different useful functions which makes your visit on YouTube much more entertaining.
  • YouTube Subtitle Download - Adds links to download video subtitles.


Additional Catalogues



Contributions are very welcome!

Please have a look at CONTRIBUTING for guidelines.



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