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stouyapi - Static OUYA API

A static API for the OUYA gaming console that still lets you sign in
and install games, despite the OUYA server shutdown in 2019.


OUYA config change
- Mount via USB (Micro USB cable)
- Create file ````
- Add::


The changes should take effect immediately.
If they do not, reboot the OUYA once.

OUYA setup

1. User registration: "Existing account"
2. Enter any username, leave password empty. Continue.
3. Skip credit card registration

Apache setup
Virtual host configuration::

Script PUT /empty-json.php

``mod_actions`` need to be enabled for apache 2.4.

The virtual host's document root needs to point to the ``www`` folder.

Building API data
Download the OUYA game data repository from
and then generate the API files with it::

$ git clone
$ ./bin/import-game-data.php ouya-game-data/folders

See also

- - alternative storefront
- - Archived OUYA games
- - OUYA game data repository


- data/data/tv.ouya/cache/ion/

- image cache for main menu image

- Don't put a trailing slash into ``OUYA_SERVER_URL`` - it will make double slashes